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            Want a NSFW platformer with solid gameplay, quality English voices, animation, & a story with lots of choices? Click here!

            Posted by hentaiwriter - 11 hours ago


            We just updated v0.27F to v0.27P; it's got a ton of new features and content, and you can play it FOR FREE over at !

            (Or you can just go straight to it at too!)

            Here's what we've updated or changed since the original public demo;

            • Collections Menu added with lots of lore entries / re-readable Databanks
            • Small improvements for controls & general engine stuff
            • Zoom available for sex scenes (press Up)
            • After most choices & some actions, "personality value" changes will pop up; these affect endings & other cutscenes in the full game.
            • Talia no longer reacts to Databanks, both because we felt it was hand-holding the player through the plot (in a bad way) & her fixed responses could go against the player's "Values" choices
            • Some maps have altered layouts
            • Almost every "automatic" cutscene can be initiated by the player themselves
            • Damage numbers & health bars appear on enemies


            And here's a few GIFs from the latest Patreon version, v0.44a, which you can get over at if you want to support the game, which will allow us to do even more quality content for the game!




            As a reminder, here's what we've got coming for the full game; about 75-80% of this is done already!

            • 20+ enemies, 6 bosses, and 90+ H-animations!
            • 150+ optional interactive cutscenes; your choices during them matter, and based on what actions you take throughout the game, you'll end up with one of 30 possible endings!
            • 200+ optional databanks to read to find out more of the story of Future Fragments, with Talia's reaction after each one changing based on the previous databanks you've read!
            • 50+ powerups; you can mix and match up to 3 at a time!
            • 25+ hours of professional voice acting for the entire game across 30+ voice actors!
            • 5 expansive stages, with lots of secrets to find; Fire, Ice, Electric, Earth, and "The End", each with significantly different aesthetics!
            • A Hub Map system that allows you to choose the order you complete maps in!
            • Multiple mechanics per level, making each level a new experience gameplay-wise!
            • A fleshed out, mystery-driven plot that you can skim the surface of or dive deep into it, it's up to you!
            • New movement abilities per level once you've defeated each boss, as well as new attacks!
            • Dynamic music and sound that changes based on the events going on around you, in real time!
            • After launch, we'll be translating the game into Japanese, Chinese, French, Spanish, and other languages (text only)

            We plan to finish the game around August-October 黑龙江福彩app下载, and it'll be available on Steam, as well as many other platforms.




            Finally, we've got a public (but still 18+ only!) Discord; come join and feel free to ask questions, give critique, or just socialize!



            Comments (1)

            I Can't wait to buy/play the entire game when it launch. Keep up ur good work.